On the Lonely front

I am a soldier in the Army National Guard who is on alert at the moment
I wrote a poem for how I am feeling and how I know the men and women over
there are feeling
I hope you enjoy


Here we sit, alone and cold
our boots muddied and feeling like stones
We watch each others backs as we watch the front lines
knowing death may come for us at anytime
each fateful day brings us closer to death
but we do not mind for we gladly give our last breaths
we dont do this for honor or glory we do this for each other
we know that the price we may pay is ultimate and final

We see the stories back home and wonder why God oh why do they not
understand, that we dont do this to be killers, but to give freedom a
we starve and we move forward feeling alone and afraid, not because we want
to, but
because of love of each other
we will not falter and will not fail, for to each side of us some men may
a father, a brother, a friend to us all. we do this because we swore an oath
we vowed to defend freedom with our dying breaths, to give all we have for
the country we love.

So here we sit, alone and cold waiting for the fateful day that will bring
us closer to home. we care for one another, we cry and laugh together, we
know this day may be our last yet we sit here with each other.

Sgt Raymond A. Carson
B Co. 1/120th Inf (M)
Smithfield NC