Not much longer

 Not much longer

By Dani Deininger

Each day with out you seems worthless. When i get up i look towards your side
of the bed its cold and un touched.

I go through my day just like you would want me to clean, cook and take care of
the kids. and then i say to my self what for hes not here

I long for that cuddle on the couch or the silly joke you would tell once more.

The day drags on and on seems like it wont ever end Then i wonder if its the
same for you where ever you are.Sometimes i wonder why i ever got in to a
marriage like this just to feel all alone.

Then i say to my self i was ment to be by your side and be strong for you and
our pride and joys

Yes i know its your job and i am proud to stand besides you as preform it well

Now that your not home our arguments and little tifs seem like wasted time

Many would say whats wrong with you have done this before on your own. My heart
says Oh yes I have . But each one is not the same and this time i am Mommy and

I keep hearing my self say not much longer honey to each When Daddy coming

When i tuck them in tell them in at night I tell them to look at daddys star he
smiling at you.

Then I end my day by returning to the empty bed once again

Only to dream of they of the soft caress of your hand stroking my hair Then i
whisper to my self not much longer.
For Bryan
with love

contributed by Danielle Deininger  [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.