Thoughts and Graditude

Thoughts and Graditude

Our husbands wake everyday to the possibility of deployment.  It hangs over
their head like christmas for children!  (except without the excitment)!  There
is so much that surronds a soilder.  For people to forget to stop and say thank
you either to themselves or someone they see in uniform upsets me dearly!! 
I try to think well.. some people just are not use to the life I live.  I also have just
accepted that fact that some just do not care at all!!  Our husbands and us wifes
give so much for all the welfare of all those people that show no gradituide.  I
took my five year old daughter to school the other morning and watched some
older children raise the flag.  I stop rolled down the window to tell them what a
good job they were doing!!  I said to them remember this what your doing for
the rest of your lives.  I told them that it meant so much to me and a short story
of my husbands in the service!!!  The little girl replied I know that freedoms not
free and thank your husband for me!!  I sleep better knowing they are people
that will protect us!!  That was from a seven year olds mouth!! I pulled out of
the parking lot and cried not because i was sad, because i realized that children
can care more then the adults that just dont care at all that show no gradituide!!  

The daily life for a wife during deployment or even when the husbands are home
seem to be for me anyway raising four children, giving baths, brushing teeth, making
three meals a day,  baby bottles lots of baby bottles!!!  Babying the sick and loving
them as hard as i can!! Lets not forget the cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!!!!  Thats
just a small amount I could go on forever!! Most of all explaing to them why daddy
is not here.  We all have different storys we tell for my small childen its daddys
working and he is gonna be gone for awhile.  Then the older children ask is daddy
gonna die?  I say no but hes not superman.(then the possibilty lingers in my head)! 
Trying to explain that daddy could get hurt without freaking them out!!

Before my husbands leave date that kept changing from day to day!  I think i broke
every plate in the house! (hehe) Not from throwing but from putting them in the sink
forcefully!! (hehe)  There was wives driving to formation every moring with children. 
Saying their goodbyes every morning and then their husbands would say not today!!
Why is it that our husbands cant have a leave date that does not change, why does no
one know for sure? I think thats unfair I think the familys deserve that much!! We
were all afraid to miss that LAST MOMENT!!

A little advice for those reading this story that are thinking about entering the sevice. 
I not saying you should not want to defend your country!! If your married with children
you need to stop and think hard about it!! The service is not for the weak. Its is not
for the wives that constantly wonder where is he and why is he not home!!  There are
tremends effects of giving up your life for the bettering of the world. You will sacifrice
your time with your family and sometime your effort will seem pointless.  Stress will
take on a whole new meaning!!  The term MAKE IT BRAKE IT WILL COME TO LIFE!!!! 

I also want to clarify so misconceptions:  No you dont get paid more for the more kids
you have and yes you can recieve finicial help(food stamps)!!  Once your in housing
that some call for free evening though 500 dollars gets taken back outta my husbands
pay!! Free?NO!  For the people that think pay raises every year should not happen. 
I say give me back my husbands lost time, make my 3 month old remember him when
he returns, Talk to my 3, 5, and 2 year old and explain why daddy missed Christmas,
birthdays, first day of school,ect..............!!!!! I belive a solider deserves more than
anyone could ever give them! I belive our goverment needs to give so much more!! 
I am gratefull! Then again sometime i think is this life for me too!!  I love my husband
my family!!  This deployment just made me have to express some issues, thoughts
that rambled in my head!!  GOD BLESS US ALL!!!

Sherry Brown