The Marine Cried

The Marine Cried

Our relationship is not
like most. We share a
telephone and a computer.
Not a bed, a car, or the same
5 ft. of space.

I knew this hurt and bothered
me, but more intensely recently.
I know when I need to be in
his arms. I know when I have to
see his smile

My Marine is strong so I had to be too.
Distance was manageable, alhtough not
very favorable. I did it to prove to him I
was worthy enough and could handle
our life together.

Then I lost it. I am sick and need him by
my side and hated to ask. My Marine tried to
give what was required to everyone. It didn't
work. My Marine didn't have the answer for
once. It hurt and my Marine cried.

He cried for me and that's the bravest I've ever seen him.

contributed by Kathleen M.Davis [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.