-=The Lady in Wait

My hubby gave this to me on a plaque and I would like to share it with other

-=The Lady in Wait

Men sail to far away places, yet she never says goodbye forever As the sunset
is beautiful, so is she and only her love more so. She is the Lady in Wait.

No creature of God's earth endures more and gives so much, for her mate is
among the men of the sea. For reasons beyond her control, she must rely on her
faith that this man, to she is devoted, loves her equally.

Hers is a mission of love,understanding and trust. A mission of bearing the
undeserved pain of lonliness and waiting. The mate must endure hardships, too;
but his is a mission of country and honor, and of this she is proud.

These things can open the hearts of the proudest of sailors, for they know that
it is the Lady in Wait that gives that man of far away seas the strength to
continue; the enormous strength required to endure both the monotony and danger
of an unpredictible and uncontrollable enviroment.

Let us never forget the men that sail the seas to ensure and protect our
freedom and our way of life, but also let us not forget the Lady in Wait, for
it is she that makes it so. Celebrate with us today the Lady in Wait for she is
my Wife.

Remember, dear Lady in Wait that we all love you and appreciate the enormouse
sacrafices you've made Sacrafices that have enriched us all.

God bless you

I love you

contributed by Brenda Wagner [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.