We Didn't Know

this is an original poem I just composed.  I read some
of the ones on your site and I came up with my own. 
my husband just got out on November 1 2002.  we're
still trying to adjust to civilian life.  I hope you
like it.

We Didn't Know

by: vicki hand

on that day, not so long ago
we were so happy, so joyous, but we didn't know.
his four years were up, it was time to leave
we were going home, but we didn't know.
we said good-bye and shed some tears,
our neighbors loved us, we didn't know.
they sent us off with a basket of fruit.
we didn't live on base, 
             but in a trailer park close to the gate.

good-bye 2-9 and USMC!
we sped into the night, all packed up tight.
and when we got "home" we didn't know.
civilian life?  what's that...you mean you don't plan
a trip to the store?
the longer we stayed, the more that we saw,
this wasn't anything like we had foresaw.

where were our friends and confidants?
the barbeque's, candle parties, and laundromat fun?
we traded 110 degrees for negative 10...
dirt for grass, and palms for firs.
where was the life that both of us knew?

to return to that life we knew so well,
well that would be grand and i'd go in a flash.
My Marine is tough though, and he says "no,"
"let's give this a try.  if the marines taught me
they taught me that there's always a way if you just

so here we will stay, in this life that's so foreign.
a message to those who think that they're ready,
no classes, or teachings will help you at all
so good luck to all, whatever you choose,
and i hope i have touched a few of you.

Vicki McCoubrey