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Children Books

My Mommy's a Soldier
This special little book is dedicated to all the children who have to wave goodbye to their mommies and daddies as the go off to serve their country. Their sacrifices are imeasurable, their courage is commendable, and their love for their mommies and daddies is irreplaceable. They are the REAL American Heroes .

Journal, While Mommy was Deployed

The journal begins by asking about the military member that is deployed, what they do, where they have been, the day they deployed. It then has pages to describe events in their lives, such as the various holidays, birthday and blank pages to write about special moments that they want to share with the deployed parent. Included with the journal are 25 postcards.

The front of the postcard reads:

I don't like us being apart, but I know that you go
to stand for what you believe in and to ensure my
freedom and safety. When the night falls and the
stars fill the sky, remember that I am staring at
the same stars and therefor we are together.

I love you and I am proud of you. I will pray each
day that God will keep you and those who serve
with you safe, and you will return to me.

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